ADDS Key Elements

ADDS enables the development of cutting edge Digital offerings that relies upon complex and diverse digital content (3D Model, 360 Video, Extended Reality content, Point cloud, ...) management and secured distribution to multiple devices (Smartphone, tablets, Smart Glasses, VR Devices, 3D printer, Drones) based on complex business rules.

Global content distribution at scale

Transcode up to 3m packages per Day

Cloud based

API based

True SaaS based model

Content agnostic: Manage video, 3D model, 360 video, Extended Reality content, ...

Device agnostic: smart phones, tablets, smart glasses, 3D printers, drones

Digital Rights Management on any kind of content

Global delivery capability and seamless multi-CDN module

User friendly UI and workflow enabling non technical resources to operate the service

ADDS Workflow

01 Applications interact with ADDS using a very large set of API operations

02 Once the product has been created, product management components evaluate the completion of the product. Users can then see what is the status of their product

03 Newly created product can be updated with new metadata, pricing information, rights and scheduling (availability date)

04 When a product is completed, depending on the configuration of the application it can be auto-ordered or manually ordered. Based on the product metadata it will determine to which business partner this product should be distributed.

05 Business Partners information (endpoint, encoding configs) are retrieved.

06 Based on the information retrieved in the business partner configuration, the media encoder will apply watermark and encode the binary files into the defined encoding format.

07 Once the binary files have been encoded, the delivery management components will build the list of metadata to be exported, retrieve the encoded files and create the package to be delivered.

08 Export plugin will format the metadata in the format required by the endpoint and send the package to the configured endpoint

ADDS Connected Solutions