Connected 3D Printing Presentation

The Connected 3D-Printing solution is a secured and fully managed solution that allows fast end-to-end 3D assets delivery, provides remote users with access to a directory of 3D printable CAD files and enables them to send a print request through the ADDS 3D-Print App.

The secured 3D printing manufacturing platform handles Digital Rights Management (DRM) in order to monitor and control all printing requests and enables transcoding and supply chain functionalities. The DRM can be layered on CAD files, ensuring appropriate security for all files and actions. Live webcams provide real time monitoring of all printers connected to the network guaranteeing that all printers and printings within the network can be constantly tracked.

In addition to ADDS Core services, the Connected 3D Printing solution is composed of 2 dedicated tools:

  • The ADDS 3D-Print App that provides access to a directory of 3D printable CAD and enables to send print requests
  • The ADDS 3D Print Dashboard that enables to control and manage the printing process

Connected 3D Printing Workflow

Connected 3D Printing Modules

ADDS 3DP Client App
  • Browse catalogue of available 3D printable CAD files
  • Request a printing and follow its progression
ADDS 3DP Dashboard
  • Browse 3D Printers and see their status
  • Browse pending printing requests
  • Manage printing requests
  • Follow remotely the execution of the printing
  • Browse print history

Modules focused on ingesting fragmented client data sources, transforming these into the right format, packaging these up into assets and delivering them to an endpoint.


Modules providing the intelligence and governance of how content is distributed be that through rights, scheduling or other complex business logic.


A set of APIs that can be used to retrieve metadata that can be then ingested in an Analytics/Reporting platform.